How To Stop Marijuana Cravings


Would you like to discover proven methods to stop cannabis yearnings from tempting you?

According to the National Home Study on Substance Abuse that was carried out in 2001, it is estimated that 83 million Americans have attempted marijuana. It is also approximated that 5.6 countless these users reporting having problems with illegal drug use and more than 2 countless these users feel dependant on cigarette smoking cannabis.

There are effective treatments and supplements that you can take to control the urge to smoke marijuana, however not everybody can afford to go to a rehabilitation clinic or fork out numerous dollars for craving supplements that may or might not work.

This is where Emotional Liberty Strategy (or EFT) enters into place. It is totally free, quick, easy and really efficient at stopping yearnings of all kinds including yearning to smoke cannabis joints.

What is EFT?

EFT is in easy terms, a method to break practices. By using pressure on specific areas of your body whilst considering your craving you can reverse this craving for whatever it is you do not want. The method is also utilized to send out favorable affirmations to your subconscious mind. The strategy looks extremely strange but it is really basic to do and really effective. I would advise everybody try this strategy as it is so simple to attain results.

What you will be doing is tapping with our fingertips on specific bottom lines of the body. Right before tapping and during tapping you ought to concentrate on your yearning. For example, if you wished to smoke a joint, you would consider smoking a joint and picture yourself currently smoking a joint.

It’s very basic stuff and can be carried out by anyone. Results are instant and the entire procedure should not take you more than 3 minutes to finish.